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envyral - ELIXIR [One Shot Kit]

envyral - ELIXIR [One Shot Kit]

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ELIXIR is a futuristic one shot kit with a wide variety of sounds that can be used to create crazy soundscapes and psychedelic melodies. Also, many of the lead, pad and synth samples last very long, and transform over time, allowing you to further chop them up and select new portions to use and manipulate. 

ELIXIR contains:
- 70 Accents + FX
- 30 Basses
- 65 Bells
- 30 Keys
- 30 Leads
- 30 Mallets
- 25 Pads
- 60 Synths
- 50 Plucks
- 20 Textures + Drum Loops
Over 500 MB of futuristic one shots!

ELIXIR also contains a presets folder with 5 channel presets, made to speed up your melody making process and optimize your usage of one shots. 

The following presets are included: 
- Bass Slide
- Breathing Keys Pad
- Slight Detune
- Sustained Slide Lead
- Tempo Sync

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